1) Personal data:
Konrad Jarodzki Ksawerego Liskego St. 5/2, 50-345 Wrocław, tel. 071 325 42 40

Born in Zaklików on 31 December 1927. In the period between I949 and I958 studied and graduated in architecture from the Wroclaw University of Technology and in painting from PWSSP (State College of Fine Arts) in Wrocław.

2) Education:
Elementary school - Tomaszów Lubelski 1934-39
Gymnasium and secondary school - Lublin1947
Mathematics - UMCS Lublin 1948-1949 (I year)
Architecture - Wrocław University of Technology
(M.Sc.Eng. in Architecture)
Painting - Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław
(MA in Fine Arts)

3) Professional career:
Miastoprojekt - designer1957-1969
PSP - designer1961-1967
ASP - lecturer (geometry)1967-1969 (piecework)
1969-1971 (contract of employment)
- lecturer (artistic drawing)1971-1972(contract of employment)
- break1972-1973
- senior lecturer (prace mal. i rys.painting and drawing atelier)1973-1976 (contract of employment)
- Senior Research Assistant (diploma at painting and drawing atelier)1976-
- full professor

4) Posts and functions:
Dean of the MGRZ Faculty 1981-1984
Rector elect - Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts veto 1984
Deputy Dean of MGRZ faculty 1984-1985
Chairman of ZPAP (eng. the Association of Polish Artists and Designers) regional branch in Wroclaw 1975-1978
Secretary of the Panorama of the Battle of Racławice Voluntary Committee 1980-1985
Member of the Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice Preservation Team1980-1985
Curator of the exhibition and symposium Droga i Prawda, Wrocław1985,1987
Member of the International Association of Fine Arts AIAP 1993-1999
Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts 1993-1999

5) Design implementations:
Architecture - tower blocks - "quadruplets of Wroclaw"
"participation house" Canada (teamwork)
Interior design - Arts Centre - Hatzfeld Palace
Turoszów electric power station
Bełchatów electric power station
Inturist hotel in Kiev
Kosmonautów housing estate - colour scheme
Handlowy Bank - Warsaw
Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences - Wrocław

6) Exhibitions - curator and designer at the following exhibitions:
"WROCŁAW 71" Zachęta w Warszawie
"PODSTAWY - WROCŁAW XXX" - Zachęta w Warszawie
"WYSTAWA XXX-lecia" we Wrocławiu
Wystawa "DROGA I PRAWDA" we Wrocławiu

7) Awards and medals:
Award - tower blocks "Mister Wrocławia"
Honorable mention — National Painting Exhibition "Złote Grono"
Honorable mention - Drawing Exhibition — International Triennial
Grade I and ll Awards from the Minister of Culture and Fine Arts
Award at the National Painting Pleinair Workshop "Słonne 1986"
Awards from the Ministry of Construction (team works "Archicom"):
    Handlowy Bank - Wrocław subsidiary
    PKO Bank in Wrocław
    WBK Bank in Wroclaw
Distinguished Culture Activist - 1972
Honourable Member of Wrocław Community - 1977
Golden Cross of Merit - 1980