Exhibition list

Works (deeds) in collections:
National Museum in Warsaw
National Museum in Wrocław
National Museum in Katowice
Museum of Art in Łódź
Collection of Vence Michel - Karoly, Francja
Collection of Regis Langlois in Paris
Private collections in Poland, France, German, Belgium, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Venezuela

Participation in exhibitions abroad:
Triennale of drow I, II, III, IV - Wrocław
Biennale of Art I, II - Menton, Francja
Salon de Mayenne V, VI - Francja
  Participation in international exhibitions:
Peinture of Wrocław - Kromeżisz, Czech Republik
Polish Peinture - Montreal, Canada
Regis Langlois Paris Collection - Sztokholm, Sweden
Polish contemporary peinture - Royal British Art Gallery, London
Polish art exhibition - Summer Festival, Baltimore, USA
Art of Poland - Maison Lafitte, France
Exhibition of polish art - Monachium and Duisburg, Germany
Polish Art - Caracas, Venezuela
"Kopernik - Kosmos" - Athens, Greece
Polish art - Adelajda, Australia
Polish contemporary art - Foire International de Paris
Peinture of Poland - The Museum and Art Gallery, England
Peinture of Poland - Bagdad, Iraq
Peinture of Poland - Teheran, Iran
Art of Wrocław - Berlin
Exhibition of Wrocław's art - Dresden, Zwinger, Germany
28 individual exhibitions in country and abroad